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Thursday, November 18, 2010

America, eat your vegetables!

With the holiday season here, we are giving away FREE VEGETABLES!

To encourage children to eat more vegetables, we are giving away vegetables to children (under the age of 12) at all our locations. Yes, you read it here first…FREE VEGETABLES. I love to give. What a better way than to give than to my future generations good eating habits.

While there are many children’s menus across Houston and beyond I often see very similar items. We have Logan’s Five Menu here at Jenni’s Noodle House, named after my little Prince, everything is five bucks on the menu. Your child now has the option of including one or more of their favorite vegetables at no cost to you.

Please encourage children to try a new vegetable.

Choices of vegetables are;

  • green leaf lettuce (great in soups)
  • snow peas (great in everything)
  • bean sprouts (great raw dipped in their favorite soy sauce)
  • broccoli (let the monster in the child consume those mini trees)
  • shiitake mushrooms (diced up will trick the taste buds to think they were ground meat)
  • cucumbers (will get your skin oh so soft)
  • green onions (just like the big boys)
  • red onions (just like mommy and daddy)
  • red grape tomatoes (looks just like grapes but these pop out a burst of surprise)
  • carrots (produce eyes that can see to infinity and beyond)
  • sliced bamboo (good luck!)
I would love to see pictures of your child slurping some noodles and eating all those colorful vegetables. Please post pictures on our Facebook fan page to show us what your daring little one did. Much gratitude and love for your support of the noodle house.

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