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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thank you dear poacher...

I feel connected and love as I write this piece.

Here is my take on hiring, sustaining and cultivating joy as I hope you will in your everyday life.

I have 34 precious light that happily shines while running three pretty amazing Jenni's Noodle House locations. I hire beautiful souls that just sparkles. I seek a well balanced life that's looking to make a few bucks yet open and willing to learn about themselves in the process.  I sustain my relationship with each member of the team by spending quality time outside of work and share my love of life with my team.  I insist on cultivating joy within their own life and remind the importance to do so with those near and dear to them.

I remind my staff in meetings I am merely a stepping stone in your life to greatness. Go seek it and grab it when you find it.  Life is short and time stops for no one.

You see my poacher friend, I remind these souls how beautiful they are already while providing a safe, happy place to come to each day.  If you would like to hire, steal, coerce, tempt one of JNH noodle dealers, know they are empowered beings. You have to offer more than just money, offer them a lifestyle and happiness beyond their present moment.

I'm not sorry that last poacher did not get the yes they were hoping for.

Today, a new employment request will make its way into a Jenni's Noodle House in hope of that unequivocal yes.

Tomorrow that seemingly caring person will ask what seems like a heartfelt comment of "you can do so much better, why are you still here" will skip a beat for a split second.  Within that second, the staff will smile for that sweet compliment and gleams for a while longer that they are worthwhile.

Thank you to all the poachers for acknowledging these magnificent beings that stands with pride happily doing their job during their interim.

Thank you for noticing their greatness as I know they are.

Thank you for reminding each of them without my presence that they are amazing and wonderful.

Thank you for your love and short lived concern.  Good luck on your growth and all of your endeavors.


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