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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Making More Soups

I made two stocks today, chicken and pork. Yes, that is real bones in there, lots of it. One of the few restaurants left that still cook with 100% bones with no added artificial flavorings. We make broth everyday. If you are interested, stick your head back and check it out next time you are in the Post Oak location. Here at the Post Oak location, the kitchen is a lot friendlier to peek in than the tight Shepherd location. But nothing is as compact as the original Jefferson location. If you remember, it was a straight shot to the entire kitchen from the order counter! The good ole days to the best of times... I cannot feel more love than I already do for all the JNH noodle fans out there. Thank you for keeping my dream alive.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

me + work = fun!

i have been helping out since i was two years old!
i am learning eye hand coordination, counting, organizing, all the stuff ma says make me better.
my ma is so smart. i love her so much! i love my ba too.

Feather Boa Anyone?

Since I have been asked over the past few months to bring back feather boas; I want to really know how many of you want to bring back feather boa Fridays to the noodle house again?


Thursday, September 17, 2009

We like to start them young

Here is a child with very intelligent taste buds... already a fan of the noodle house. Even though he cannot get there yet, he is making his mommy take him there. Way to go kiddo!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Best Cupcake

If Before this day, I had doubts if I would ever find a great cupcake at a specialized cupcake shop...I finally found it! If you are ever in the Chicago area, find your way to Old Town for the absolute best cupcakes I have found to date. Cupcake shops have been sprouting up across cities everywhere and I love a simply moist easy to eat cupcake. I have never been satisfied with the many highly go to places as I was when I took that first bite into this German Chololate cupcake. The icing was oozing wet, cool (right out of the fridge), sweet coconut drippings onto this perfectly baked cupcake! The lady behind the counter pulled a chocolate cupcake from the rack, pulled out the coconut mixture from the refrigerator and spooned it generously onto the room temperature cupcake. Absolute perfection. I promise you, this is way better than the NY, Boston, California much hyped about go to places! You will have your moment when you experience this sweet perfection.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wagamama's Visit

Walking up to the very famous Wagamama franchise was a very exciting moment. I have heard about Wagamama back in 2001 (from Claire & Patrick) when I first opened on Jefferson. I have been told over the next few years by tons of my customers how much JNH reminds them of Wagamama in London. A long time customer (Andrew) even loaned me a cookbook (suggesting I have one for JNH...not a bad idea.) Dillon and his hot husband, both die hard JNH fan even brought back a Wagamama tee for my main squeeze, Mr. Scotty Steak Salad. Well, Wagamama landed in the USA via Boston a couple of years ago and I finally made it up there to check out this great place.I love what I am seeing, great eye candy; simple layout, nice earthy tones, stainless galore (if you know me, I am a stainless steel kind of a girl when it comes to (well, just about anything!) the communial style tables, the cool wireless gadget that the waitress used to send our order to the kitchen, the friendly staff and the cook to order menu. Great concept for urban cities with mass transportation since only urban cities will adopt communial style tables wholeheartedly, my opinion.The food arrived at separate times, which I can relate to and understand since my kitchen can only cook so many dishes at one time as everything is cooked to order . The gyoza was nice, the yasai men was a tad too saucy for me and my ginger udon was very subtle in flavors and light. I love the beef texture in the chili beef ramen.I enjoyed and loved the experience at Wagamana. I loved that it inspired me to come back and appreciate my two little noodle houses and how it has grown. I love my entire staff, from counter personnel to the backbone of the kitchen staff. Everyone that helps me out at JNH definitely is an extension of who I am...a very happy and hard worker that puts in an honest day at work with evidence to show it everytime, YOU coming back. I am convinced more than ever my staff is second to none and my entire menu is wholesomely good.

For the noodleblog record: our dumplings, ginger soy and noodles kick Wagamama's ass!