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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Best Cupcake

If Before this day, I had doubts if I would ever find a great cupcake at a specialized cupcake shop...I finally found it! If you are ever in the Chicago area, find your way to Old Town for the absolute best cupcakes I have found to date. Cupcake shops have been sprouting up across cities everywhere and I love a simply moist easy to eat cupcake. I have never been satisfied with the many highly go to places as I was when I took that first bite into this German Chololate cupcake. The icing was oozing wet, cool (right out of the fridge), sweet coconut drippings onto this perfectly baked cupcake! The lady behind the counter pulled a chocolate cupcake from the rack, pulled out the coconut mixture from the refrigerator and spooned it generously onto the room temperature cupcake. Absolute perfection. I promise you, this is way better than the NY, Boston, California much hyped about go to places! You will have your moment when you experience this sweet perfection.



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